Open an EPiServer page

Here are a few ways to retrieve data for a given page (expressed in a PageReference instance) in EPiServer:

PageReference pageref = ...;
PageData pagedata;

// In a page (which is a sub-class of PageBase, e.g. TemplatePage, EditPage, SimplePage)
pagedata = this.Getpage(pageref);

// In a user control (which is a sub-class of UserControlBase)
pagedata = this.Getpage(pageref);

// Anywhere
pagedata = Global.EPDataFactory.GetPage(pageref);

Global.EPDataFactory also has some other useful functions:

// Open a page from a given FriendlyUrl rather than a PageReference
// (which requires knowing the Page ID)
pagedata = Global.EPDataFactory.GetPageByURL("/Bokningsbara-kurser/");

BTW, it’s also possible to initialize a PageReference with a Url (although NOT a Friendly Url):

pageref = PageReference.ParseUrl("http://localhost:8889/shop/Puff.aspx?id=130");

UPDATE (2007-06-04):

If you have a so called “simple address” such as “/foo”, then none of the above will work. In that case you have to use code such as this:

PropertyCriteriaCollection critcol = new PropertyCriteriaCollection();

PropertyCriteria crit = new PropertyCriteria();
crit.Condition = EPiServer.Filters.CompareCondition.Equal;
crit.Name = "PageExternalURL";
crit.Type = PropertyDataType.String;
crit.Value = simple_address.Trim(new char[] { '/' }); // Remove initial "/"

PageDataCollection pagecol = Global.EPDataFactory.FindPagesWithCriteria(Global.EPConfig.RootPage, critcol);
if (pagecol.Count > 0)
   return pagecol[0].LinkURL;

3 thoughts on “Open an EPiServer page”

  1. Hi! I see this is an old post but I wanna do this: pagedata = Global.EPDataFactory.GetPageByURL(“/Bokningsbara-kurser/”); in CMS6 but ‘EPiServer.DataFactory’ does not contain a definition for ‘GetPageByURL’

    How to do this in CMS6?


  2. @Johan
    Hi ,
    I’m trying to migrate our app to EPiServer 5 and i’m also facing the same issue..did you get any alternative for GetPageByURL?

  3. I’m really sorry for a very late reply to this, but I rarely work with EPiServer these days so I don’t know the answer to your question. If I come across it, I’ll post it here…


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