New blog theme

I just changed the theme of the blog since I got tired of the old one, and also because I’m working on a post where the old theme’s low width became a problem. The new theme is called
Catch Responsive and I really like it so far. It works much better on mobile devices and is very configurable.

This is what the old theme looked like, I thought it would be nice to have a record of it to look back on in the future.Old blog theme

Blog back online again…

You may have noticed that the blog has been unavailable a few days. As you’re reading this, it’s obviously back online now again 🙂

I actually have no idea what happened. My web hosting service provider claims to not have done anything, and I have not messed with anything either. Strange…

If you’re reading this and have the same problem, it might be useful to know what I did to bring the blog back from the dead:

  1. Changed the site to use PHP 5 instead of PHP 4. Did not help, but I left the new setting.
  2. Upgraded WordPress to version 2.3.1. This did solve the problem!

Let’s hope things will work now. This is actually the first breakdown I’ve had. So far I’m satified with WordPress, it does what it does well, with no fuss.


Help, my code examples are messed with!

One supremely annoying problem I had the first days of using WordPress was that it kept on “beautifying” my code samples. For example replacing normal quotes with curly ones. For normal text that’s okay I guess, but for code it isn’t!

For example:

string s = “this is a string”;

Luckily however, this can be fixed by using using a plugin called Preserve Code Formatting by Scott Reilly. Very useful!

Just install it and after that WordPress will keep it’s dirty hands off content within <code>-tags.

The code sample above now reads:

string s = "this is a string";