Deciding whether an NHibernate object reference is a proxy

Have you ever had a need to decide whether an object reference to an NHibernate-mapped object is the real instantiated object or an NHibernate-generated proxy used for lazy loading? Here’s how to do it:

if (entityObject is NHibernate.Proxy.INHibernateProxy)

You don’t often need to make a distinction between proxies and the real objects but it may be useful when traversing object structures without triggering lazy-loading.

A related method is NHibernateUtil.IsInitialized which may come in handy in similar use cases as the above. It tells whether a proxy or persistent collection is initialized (i.e. loaded from the database) or not.

if (NHibernateUtil.IsInitialized(entityObject))


2 thoughts on “Deciding whether an NHibernate object reference is a proxy”

  1. Ooh, this SO calls for extension methods!
    Wouldn’t entityObject.IsProxy() and entityObject.IsInitialized() look much nicer? 🙂

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