Resizing the Action Window panel in an EPiServer plugin

Have you ever written en EPiServer plugin for the Action Window? If so, you have probably noticed how irritatingly narrow it is. Luckily, the width can easily be adjusted by your plugin using this code:

  if (window.parent!=null && window.parent.parent!=null &&
    window.parent.parent.document.all['epCustomDIV'] = 500;

This is the same code that the built-in EPiServer File Manager uses, so I think we can regard it as well tested. It has worked well for me, hope it helps you as well.

4 thoughts on “Resizing the Action Window panel in an EPiServer plugin”

  1. That’s a really good question, all right.

    You’ll get no good answer from me I’m afraid. Hopefully, they take that into account in the new version, EPiServer CMS, that’s coming out soon but I don’t know. If they don’t do it now I fear that they never will…


  2. It could be that it only works in IE. When I wrote this post the current version of EPiServer was 4.62 which only supported IE in the edit/admin modes.


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